We will go over any offers in detail.  As I stated earlier,  price is not the only consideration.  Because a home sale involves an array of both personal and business concerns, it’s important to get it right. These are some of the things we will review:

  • The price, is it at or near asking price?
  • Are there contingencies that effect the price such asclosing help?
  • Is the buyer qualified?   I will contact the lender and determine as best I can if the buyer is able to bring this transaction to settlement.
  • How do the other terms effect you?  Inspections, appraisal, loan approval, settlement date.
  • I will negotiate on your behalf any counter offers you would like to make.
  • In most cases, the first offer is the best offer, I will work with you to make sure there are no hidden items or surprises.


My work doesn’t end with a ratified contract.  There are still many things to be watched and managed between ratification and closing.  I will keep and eye on all aspects until you sign the deed and hand over the keys.  I will:

  • Negotiate items from home inspections
  • Work with you to find the appropriate contractors to complete any necessary repairs.
  • Maintain contact with the lender to make sure the loan is proceeding.
  • Meet with appraisers
  • Make sure all necessary paperwork gets to the settlement company.
  • Guide you through the contract deadlines and essential paperwork
  • Work with you to help you with utility change over 
  • Coordinate the final walk through.
  • Coordinate closing date and time.
  • Keep in contact regularly to minimize stress.


The settlement day arrives.  The last minute details are:

  • Handling any items from the final walk through
  • Reviewing the HUD-1
  • Attending the settlement with you
  • Follow up after settlement on any lingering items such as water escrow etc.

Working together as a team we will make this as positive and stress free as possible.