Each home is unique, the market place is always in flux, interest rates constantly change, and new buyers search for homes each day.  Getting your home in front of as many perspective buyers as possible is the goal.  About 90% of buyers start their search on the Internet.  A comprehensive on line marketing plan is essential to attracting as many buyers as we can.  The more buyers there are the better chance we have of getting you the price and terms you desire.

Here are some of my strategies to attract buyers.

  • Pricing the home at the best possible price to garner the most activity
  • Professional photographs to promote your homes best features. 
  • On line exposure.  I will put your home on every available site. 
  • E mail marketing targeted to the agents in your area with special attention to the ones most likely to show your home.
  • Yard sign and open houses.  This will allow anyone, whether they are working with an agent or not to see your home.  Since so many buyers start on line we don’t want to exclude them from the pool of buyers who can access the house.
  • I will send targeted mailings to most likely buyers or home owners who may know people looking for a home like yours.

I will follow up and communicate with you throughout the process.  We will determine the frequency and ways to relay information together.