When selling your home,finding the right person to represent you is the single most important decision you will make. Make sure you are comfortable with that person. Is this is the person you want to be your face to the potential buyers and the real estate community, do your personalities fit together, are you comfortable with the agent’s professionalism and work habits/style? You will be in constant communication with your agent; make sure you choose an agent you trust and value. Here are the qualifications of an effective agent:

 Does the REALTOR know the local community?

 Do they track market trends and versed on how to use them?

 Do they participate in local matters?

 Would they be a good neighbor?

 Are they surrounded by a good support team?

 Are they comfortable with technology

I have put together some information for you about the steps of selling your home so you can feel confident, make informed decisions, and act as an educated seller. Since every real estate transaction is unique, you will have questions or concerns not presented here. That’s what I’m here for – to answer your questions, to guide you through every step of the transaction, and to make sure your home gets sold.Sound good? Great, let’s get started!


Home selling is complex and typically starts several months ahead of the house actually going on the market. Here are some of the things I will help you with to make sure your house is ready:

  • The home will be a product for the market place, not the place you raised your children. Take the time to allow yourself to get used to the idea.
  • Look at the home through the eyes of a buyer. You want your home to look welcoming and inviting both inside and out. Some personal items and touches are ok but we want the buyer to be able to see this as their home. Most people are visual and first impressions matter. You will be surprised what sprucing-up outside and making a few simple additions/deletions can do.
  • Make the changes recommended, even though they may be hard. If needed I have a large list of referrals to help you find the right person for the job.
  • Only list when the home is truly ready, not when you want to time it for the market.


Everyone wants the best price for their home.  I want to work with you to make that happen. Home selling is part science, part marketing, part negotiation, and part art. Houses usually sell quickly and for the most money when they are priced right from the beginning.

Here are a few factors you may have to consider during the initial pricing strategy:

  • Value relates to local sales price. Similar homes elsewhere have a different value
  • Prices are all about supply, demand and condition
  • Sales prices aren’t based on what the owners need, what they owe on the property or their personal attachment
  • Sales prices aren’t the whole deal. I talk with my sellers about price and terms. We will review each of those terms and how they affect you when we review offers.


Each home is unique, the market place is always in flux, interest rates constantly change, and new buyers search for homes each day.  Getting your home in front of as many perspective buyers as possible is the goal.  About 90% of buyers start their search on the Internet.  A comprehensive on line marketing plan is essential to attracting as many buyers as we can.  The more buyers there are the better chance we have of getting you the price and terms you desire.

Here are some of my strategies to attract buyers.

  • Pricing the home at the best possible price to garner the most activity
  • Professional photographs to promote your homes best features. 
  • On line exposure.  I will put your home on every available site. 
  • E mail marketing targeted to the agents in your area with special attention to the ones most likely to show your home.
  • Yard sign and open houses.  This will allow anyone, whether they are working with an agent or not to see your home.  Since so many buyers start on line we don’t want to exclude them from the pool of buyers who can access the house.
  • I will send targeted mailings to most likely buyers or home owners who may know people looking for a home like yours.

I will follow up and communicate with you throughout the process.  We will determine the frequency and ways to relay information together.