The search is probably the most fun part of the process.  It is a time you will start to hone in on what really matters to you.  With that being said you still need to be thoughtful and deliberate.  Once I know your likes and needs I can being sending you listings I think you will want to see.  Here are some things we will do to make this enjoyable:

  • Determine your priorities about location, price, features and amenities.  Don’t expect to get everything you want in a home but it is prudent to narrow down your search to include things that are most important.
  • Don’t let others persuade you away from priorities.  This will be your home.
  • Search both on-line and in person.  Don’t let an agent’s poor photography or writing skills steer you away from a home that seems to fit your criteria.  Attend open houses and ask me to preview houses if you can’t get there to see one.
  • Keep a file of the homes you have seen with notes about what you liked and didn’t like about the property.


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments and financial decisions you can make. While it is a major commitment and responsibility, it is also a very exciting time in your life. I am excited I will be a part in it, and excited about soon having the privilege of handing you the keys to your new home!

I will work hard to make the home buying adventure as rewarding and stress free as possible, guiding you at every step and making sure that your needs and desires are met. I have put together this information to inform you about all steps of the home buying process so you can feel confident, make informed decisions, and act as an educated buyer. It will also help me, and you, understand the things that you’re looking for in a home so that your search can be made as easy as possible.

Since every real estate transaction is unique, you will most likely have questions or concerns not presented here. That’s what I'm here for – to assist you at each step, to answer your questions, and to help you find the home you desire. 


Once you have decided “this is the one” it is time to put it in writing.  We will go over all of the paperwork, don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Negotiation is a complex matter and each transaction is unique.   In my opinion, this is where you can truly see my value as your agent.   Here are some of the things you and I will need to do to write a competitive offer:

  • Review disclosure package provided by the seller.  These documents will tell you a lot about the property you may not have noticed while looking at it.
  • Review the CMA I will provide.  This will help you make a strong offer based on fact not emotion.
  • Decide on offer price and terms, they go hand in hand in any good offer.
  • Decide on earnest money deposit amount.
  • Decide on title company and settlement date.
  • Submit your offer and wait for response.  Understand there may be some back and forth with the seller, this is natural but can be stressful.


Now that you have a ratified contract there are some things we will need to do before we can go to settlement.  I will keep you on track and make sure you are aware of all the important dates and deadlines.  Here are some of the things we will be doing in the next 30-60 days:

  • Schedule and attend the home, termite and radon inspections
  • Negotiate repairs for items discovered during inspection.
  • Get you paperwork to the lender.  They will ask you for a variety of things.  Even when you think they have everything don’t be surprised with the call or e mail asking for one more thing.
  • Keep you financial house in order.  Now is not the time to buy new furniture or car. Your lender will be keeping a close eye on your finances and you don’t want to send any red flags.
  • Obtain home owners insurance.
  • Keep track of the loan process, including appraisal and processing through underwriting.
  • Schedule the settlement and keep track of progress.  Work with settlement attorney and seller to resolve any title issues.
  • Review HOA/condo docs if applicable.
  • Set up utilities.
  • Prepare to move, hire moving company, and start packing.
  • Schedule final walk-through.
  • Review the HUD-1.  You will need to get certified funds or arrange a wire transfer for the cash needed for settlement.


The day has finally arrived.  Since we have been prepared all along this should be a day to do some paperwork and get your keys.  Some of the thing you can expect:

  • You will need to bring a photo ID with you.
  • If you are getting a loan the process will take about 1.5 hours, if not you should be done in about ½ an hour.
  • Get your keys!

I will continue to be available to you after settlement.  I have a large referral base for contractors, landscapers, etc.  Feel free to call on me for any of your real estate needs in the future.